How to Tackle Today’s Real Estate Market in Naples

When considering moving to Naples, Fla., there’s a lot you may need to know. Real estate here is highly sought-after, and it is a valuable market. These extraordinary Florida homes are nothing short of stunning and in high demand.

When beginning your search for the perfect Naples real estate, start with learning about the area. There are beautiful Naples neighborhoods that have something for everyone. Each is unique in the scenery, dining, and recreation it has to offer. Also, ensure you know the market — if you find the perfect time to buy and sell, you can get the best deal at the right time. Finally, enlist a great agent to help you in your search.

Old Naples

A historic town nestled in Florida's palms, Old Naples is a luxurious neighborhood with incredible real estate. It is home to the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club, where locals often go to enjoy good food or an evening drink. Events are held here in the summer. There is also a beautiful 19th-century landmark known as Palm Cottage. It is an excellent spot to visit for anyone interested in history or seeing some of the older parts of this coastal town.

The beach of Old Naples is a beautiful place to live, as zoning laws ensure that no high rises exist south of the hotel — meaning that single-family homes are the only other houses you will encounter. Although many new houses continue to be built here, many older mansions from the early 20th century also still exist. Every avenue in this part of the city ends at the Gulf, and the streets are lined with benches which make for beautiful areas to take sunset walks or early morning drives to the beach.

Coquina Sands

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Another of Naples’s finest neighborhoods to consider when purchasing real estate is Coquina Sands. This is a perfect place to find your next home, located on the Gulf of Mexico and only a few miles north of downtown Naples. US Route 41 to the east provides easy transportation all over the city while hosting many great dining and shopping venues. The sandy white beaches draw crowds and homeowners to this area, and there are also many beautiful single-family homes in this area.

Both new and long-term residents of Coquina Sands love its quiet streets lined with palms and beautiful ocean sunsets. Because the neighborhood borders Ana Maria Island, several activities and events, including the Beach Market and Leffis Key Preserve, often occur. Full of trails and boardwalks encircling the island, the preserve is home to dozens of plant and animal species native to the Florida area. From the houses along the coast, it is easy to spot migratory birds and observe the scenery of the surrounding trees and plants.

Pelican Bay

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Pelican Bay is another gorgeous neighborhood on the coast of Florida, formerly called Clam Bay. As the name suggests, this area is perfect for living and enjoying many forms of wildlife. Pelican Bay real estate consists of several subdivisions, some gated, that are the ideal host for dozens of species of Florida trees. Condominiums are the most common type of houses in this area, but there are also many rising villas and single-family homes.

The specially designed mansions here are gorgeous, and every home is unique. Many residents enjoy walking, biking, or running through trails and streets, admiring the ocean weather and scenery. There are a few beachside restaurants exclusive to the residents of this area with unique selections of incredible food and desserts.

Know your market

Finding the best Florida home would not be possible without knowing the market and its current state. Recently, all over the state, demand for homes has exceeded the supply (mainly due to the pandemic beginning in early 2020). In Naples, over 50% of houses have been selling over their original listing prices, creating a hyper-competitive market. The prices of homes in this particular region have hit record highs and are not likely to fall quickly.

Due to the rapid influx of new Florida residents combined with a stabilizing economy and shortages of new construction being built and finished in the area, the market is expected to continue its upward momentum for the foreseeable future. The trend for Naples real estate coincides with Fannie Mae’s prediction that 5.71 million homes will be sold across the United States in 2023.

Florida will follow the country’s statistics in the housing market for the rest of 2022, with higher demand than supply of houses. This makes now a great time to get involved in the market. Your home will be at its highest value! For a buyer, the earlier, the better. It is best to get into the market as quickly as possible, especially with the competitive rates and surplus of buyers.

Finding a realtor

When seeking the best agent to help you find and purchase your Florida dream house, look no further than Vincent Branda. He is a licensed and professional agent who is very knowledgeable about the market and can help with all your real estate needs. A Naples native himself, Branda is sure to find a home suitable for any desires and specific requirements you may have.

Vincent Branda has a strong knowledge of the market and how it fluctuates, so he will ensure you get the best home at the best time for you! Lending expertise to buyers and sellers, Branda is full of ideas to bring you the best results out of the market. If you’re coming to Naples, finding your dream home has never been this easy. Make sure to contact Vincent Branda and his team for all of your Naples real estate needs.
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