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5 Things to Look For When Buying a Vacation Home

No matter the excitement of envisioning the day you finalize a sale on your ultimate vacation home in the lovely Naples, Florida, hunting down the one in this sought-after escape haven is a process sure to exhaust even the savviest of real estate clients. Whether it's the beautiful, sweeping arches of a Spanish Colonial, a lavish Mediterranean, an elegant rendition of a classic Ranch style home, or a sleek and modern architectural build, houses for sale in Naples, Florida are sure to charm the delights of a variety of esthetic preferences.

Choosing a vacation home whose design and structural integrity satiate your vision is very important. However, it is also important to consider a broader range of vacation home fundamentals before you make that leap. Pairing these five fundamental vacation home considerations with your uncompromised vision of your dream vacation home will give you confidence and security when navigating Naples real estate.

The four seasons

Many vacation goers plan to visit their vacation homes during specific seasons. Summer is an obvious choice in Naples, but vacationers determined to bypass any winter blues also love coming to their Naples vacation homes in the winter and late fall months. And though snow blowing one's driveway is a nonexistent chore in Naples, the winters can still get quite chilly.

You may think well-insulated walls or a central heating system is unworthy of your investment, but think again. If this is a vacation home you plan on visiting freely, without restrictions to specific seasonal visiting times, it's a good idea to look into the heating and cooling systems of your home and what you may want to install, should you be lacking in one or the other.

Who will visit?

This may seem like an obvious consideration, but it is important to think beyond solely the number of bedrooms you desire for your vacation home — consider the different ages and practical needs of the guests you plan to host. Will children be visiting? If so, will you want a designated game room? Do you or any of your anticipated guests struggle with stairs? If so, how many bedrooms would you like on your first floor?

Is there or will there be a chef among your vacation guests? Or do you plan on hiring one during your visits? If so, take a good look at your kitchen features to ensure they optimally support the production of your gourmet dining necessities. What kinds of activities do you intend to enjoy in the privacy of your vacation home? Are you a fitness guru who appreciates the luxury of a well-designed in-home gym? Is a lavish lounge area and bar necessary for appeasing your love of hosting a party? Think about the range of guests you intend to invite to your vacation home, considering the range of their needs and desires.

Maintenance plan

Naples real estate is some of the most competitive real estate in the nation, and for good reason. Stunning single-family architectural designs and the equally breathtaking natural surroundings make it an easy gold medal win for vacation destinations. Residents of Naples take good care to maintain the beauty and health of their homes.

When you are not in your vacation home year-round, it is a great idea to get in touch with a home maintenance service provider. They can address any home maintenance needs while you are visiting your vacation home, but can also offer services like regular maintenance check-ups and maintenance if need be. Investing in a trusted home maintenance service provider is essential for keeping your home in tip-top condition.

Humidity endurance

It's no secret Naples real estate contends with Florida's humidity. Without proper protection from or treatment of humidity damage to your home, you may face doors that will not close, cracks in the walls, warped floors or ceilings, or on the more dangerous side of things, mold. Because the quality of Naples real estate meets such high standards, most homes are constructed with humidity defense in mind.

Nonetheless, it is a good idea to closely inspect your potential vacation home for any signs of humidity damage. Once you've purchased a Naples vacation home or anywhere in the humid state of Florida, it would be in your best interest to have your home regularly inspected for potential humidity problems or possibly install new windows or humidity-resistant features.

Neighborhood vibe

When perusing houses for sale in Naples, Florida, it is important to investigate the vibe of your neighborhood. When vacationing, is it a vibrant nightlife you seek? If so, living in or close to downtown Naples may be a good location for your vacation home, with delectable places to dine and drink, like HobNob Kitchen & Bar, Bar Tulia, or Seven South.

Is decompressing with scenic walks around your neighborhood your stress antidote of choice? Old Naples is home to some of the most impressive historic mansions, architectural designs known to the nation, and a botanical garden dazzling more than 170 acres of garden space.

Is immediate beach access of utmost importance to you? Beach access is, of course, immediate anywhere in Naples, but if walking to the beach in a manner of minutes is essential to you, Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, Moorings, or Park Shore may be neighborhoods to look into. Wherever you buy your vacation home, make sure it's in a neighborhood charming your desires and values.

Vincent Branda's passion for assisting clients in their quest to discover their dream vacation home in South Florida is unparalleled, and he is happy to answer your questions about owning vacation property in Naples, Florida. Contact him today to get started!

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