4 Things to Know About Naples Architecture

As you start looking for houses for sale in Naples, FL, you’ll notice a variety of styles and themes. You may find designs you love or want your home customized to fit your preferences. Whether you’re looking to construct your own unique Florida home or find an architectural style that suits you, there’s a lot to learn about this region. Considering Naples’ history with architecture, here are the most important things to know about homes in Naples.


You’ll notice a wide range of architectural styles in all Naples homes on the market. Florida styles are generally aligned to the climate or based on historical architecture from the area. Naturally, this means great variety within the Naples housing market. The five most common architectural options for houses for sale in Naples, FL are Mediterranean, Spanish, Coastal Contemporary, Colonial, or Old Florida Style.

Both Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes are commonly known for their stucco walls, tile roofs, and arches, and they are popular across the Mediterranean and Iberian peninsula. One of the reasons that this style is so prevalent in warm coastal areas is because they’re great at climate control. They retain heat in colder seasons and help keep the home cool in the hot summers. Stucco homes can adapt to just about any type of weather, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice. While both styles have little intricacies, they both serve a very similar function.

For a slice of Florida history, check out Gulf Coast inspirations like Colonial/British West Indies or Old Florida Style. Both home styles lean into sturdy, angled roofs and large porches. Old Florida Style homes are much more casual, with slated metal or other materials on the roofs for hurricane durability. Depending on the age and durability of Old Florida homes, they may use stucco or wood siding. Meanwhile, the British Colonial style is a beautiful hybrid of the Old Florida simplicity and the Mediterannean/Spanish touches, bringing refinement and style that compliments both traditions.

If you want a style all its own, the Coastal Contemporary style might be the one for you. These homes have sharp lines, a modern feel, and minimalism just like other Contemporary homes, but just with coastal-friendly touches like slanted roofs, beach-friendly features, and a breezy layout style. Most coastal contemporaries are pretty one of a kind, so you’ll have to check out Naples houses to see what fits you. 

The architect boom

There has been a substantial architectural boom in the modern Floridian housing market. With the state becoming more popular, architects have been moving down from other parts of the country. They either completely redesign old homes or build new developments. This has completely reshaped the Florida housing market, making the 2020 boom even more significant than before.

This trend has been so intense that recently the community formed new zoning laws for houses for sale in Naples, FL. Some of the examples include evolving the urban design standards and putting more emphasis on residential and commercial endeavors. With so much change and construction, local communities want to ensure this work leads to a better Florida.

So, for people preferring to construct a new home down on the Gulf Coast, there’s a wide variety of architect options for building your dream Naples houses. 

Choosing an architect

With the housing market so ripe for architects in Naples, you are not lacking choices. Not only is there a lot of new construction to choose from, but hiring your own architect is easier than ever before. If you build a house, you don’t want to choose the wrong architect. They’ll not only need to be professional, but their work needs to be the right fit for you. Look for experience, reputation, and good communication. Check out their portfolio to see if they make the kind of homes you like.

If you’re on the fence about an architect, y some of the benefits of hiring one include streamlining your building process, saving money with their networking and knowledge, and having an expert who knows building codes, zoning laws, etc., to your build team. Increased resources and expertise will ensure that your dream home construction is done smoothly and correctly. Because if you can’t find the perfect, unique home for sale in Naples, FL, why not build one?

Historic new construction

One of the best parts of buying Naples houses is the unique mix of old and new construction. Naples has original buildings and homes still standing, testaments to the architecture of their time. After all, the majority of the original city was built in the late 1800s by Hamilton Disston. The land was payment for his work on the Everglades, which he then turned into Naples.

The city developed residential areas in the 1950s when builders popularized the Old Florida Style homes. So, even if you buy a newly constructed Old Florida Style home, you're still living in a piece of Naples history. In that case, it's pretty easy to find historical homes to call your own or build new construction that still matches the style of Naples. Florida towns like Naples tend to have that unique, relaxed vibe that stands apart from other metropolitan areas. From Anna Maria Island to Miami, beachside Florida homes have a one-of-a-kind style. You could look at a picture of Florida from the 60s, 90s, or the 2010s, and the homes will look fairly similar. Both old and new houses for sale in Naples, FL, are inspired by this 50s, beachy style, making the city feel timeless.

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