What to Know Before Buying a Home in Coquina Sands

Coquina Sands is a picturesque residential subdivision of nearly 12,000 inhabitants in Naples, Fla. Encompassing 200-plus single-family homes and 650-plus condos situated along tree-lined streets, and Coquina Sands embodies what living in Naples is all about: the ability to live effortlessly surrounded by the natural beauty of the water from the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the charming shopping district of Old Naples to the south.
Many come to this no-HOA, non-gated community to retire or to grow a family, allured by the close-knit, friendly feel and top-notch school system. Amenities are another draw here: Coquina Sands boasts an 18-hole golf course (designed by Jack Nicklaus), a tennis facility, a spa, and three public restaurants, plus convenient access to Lowdermilk Park and its 1,000-foot stretch of sugary sand set against the sparkling blue water.
Now that we’ve covered a few things to know about Coquina Sands let’s discuss what you should do before buying property in this desirable waterfront neighborhood in Naples. Read on for seven steps to take as you begin your Naples real estate search.

Hire an experienced local real estate agent

If you’re considering purchasing  Naples real estate, then the first thing you need to do is to assemble your team. You need a real estate agent who is local and has several years of experience. With a local experienced real estate agent, you have someone on your team who is very familiar with the current marketing real estate trends and the housing situation in Coquina Sands. They can then guide you toward the right home for you. Working with a skilled realtor such as Vincent Branda can help you locate certain gems in the market that you otherwise might not find or help you make strategic moves during the housing process.

Match your lifestyle with the home

When working with your real estate agent, identify the property type you’d like to buy. In Coquina Sands, you can choose from single-family homes, multi-family condominiums, or millionaire estates. In fact, Coquina Sands was one of the first co-ops to offer condos and villas right on the beach. Your home can be a waterfront property or a few blocks away from the water. If you have a boat, choosing a property with a boat slip would be ideal as it would allow you to be out on the water in minutes. If you like a day out on the town, then living somewhere closer to US-41 and the shopping, restaurants, and entertainment of Coastland Center might be a better fit. Whatever your lifestyle, we can help you find a Coquina Sands home that meets your unique needs.

Talk to the neighbors

The best way to find out what a place is like is by talking to the people who live there. Visit Coquina Sands for a weekend, walk around the neighborhood, and check out Old Naples and the beach. By talking to your potential new neighbors, you’ll discover information about the community you might not find anywhere else. For example, you can find out if the house that you are interested in buying has any problems. You could also ask them how long they have lived in the area and anything they would like to change about it. Asking your potential neighbors these questions can help determine if Coquina Sands would be a great neighborhood for you.

Research the local real estate market in Coquina Sands

When considering buying a home, you must research the real estate market trends for Coquina Sands. Essentially, you need to know how the real estate market is performing and how that can potentially affect your chances of successfully buying a home. The current real estate market is a seller’s market, meaning there is low inventory and higher than average demand. Just as recently as June 2022, homes in Coquina Sands were selling for the median price of $5.5 million dollars. In that same month, seven homes were sold. Since last year, the median price of homes has increased by 175%, and the number of homes sold has decreased by 75%. However, it’s not a very competitive market in Coquina Sands as bidding wars are rare, and most homes are selling for lower than the listed price.

Create a financial plan

Because properties in Coquina Sands span modest villas and cottages to condos to sprawling estates, price points vary considerably.  No matter your budget or your plans for financing (cash or a mortgage), it helps to make a financial plan. By creating a financial plan, you can see how much your real estate investment will potentially cost. Furthermore, getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan indicates to the seller that you are fully committed to the process, and they will be more likely to accept your offer. Having a financial plan in place can also prepare you for any unexpected fees that may come up, as well as closing costs and fees for various services needed on the home.

Invest in homeowner’s insurance

Although it’s not required by law to get homeowners insurance in Florida, it’s strongly advised that you find a homeowner’s insurance plan that is right for your situation. Even though Coquina Sands has beautiful weather conditions most of the year, there are still occasional times when the weather can be challenging. In the case of a tropical storm, a hurricane, or fire damage, you should invest in homeowner’s and flood insurance to protect your real estate investment.

Hire a home inspector

Before signing the final contract, hire a home inspector. Whether you’re putting in an offer on  brand-new construction or a mid-century modern villa, you’ll benefit from a thorough assessment performed by a professional. A home inspector will come to your potential home, conduct a thorough walk-through, and then create a detailed report on the living condition of the home.
They are required by law to give this information in a non-judgmental way. Their report will allow you to confidently move forward with the sale (or not) and possibly provide leverage for negotiating the seller’s asking price.
Whether you’re looking for a waterfront property, a luxury condominium, or a vacation home, our expert team can help you find the right Naples real estate for your lifestyle. Contact real estate agent Vincent Branda to find your Coquina Sands home today!

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