Most Popular Architectural Styles in Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay is known for its resort-style living. Not only does this luxury community in Northern Naples feature private beaches, fitness centers, and tennis courts, but it also has its own tram system as a way for residents to easily and quickly navigate Pelican Bay real estate. In some regards, Pelican Bay can be considered a self-contained community, offering its residents multiple amenities and making it the perfect location for someone who isn’t interested in wandering too far from home.

Pelican Bay is home to numerous single-family homes, villas, and condos, making it the perfect location for just about anyone. Not only will you have your pick when it comes to houses that fit your needs, but Pelican Bay will give homeowners access to a varied array of architectural styles.

When it comes to styles that are most common in Pelican Bay homes for sale, designs usually fall into one of three categories.

The Millennium Mansion

Pelican Bay features an abundance of gated communities, making it the ideal location for homeowners who are looking for a more private dwelling. Since the Millennium Mansion architectural design is the one most commonly associated with gated communities, you’ll find plenty of homes with this design when looking at Pelican Bay real estate.

This style of home is characteristically defined by its tall entryway, high-pitched roof, differing window sizes, and asymmetrical style. The Millenium Mansion design rose in popularity throughout the 1990s and is the preferred style of American subdivisions today. Complex details such as gabled roofs and arched windows lend themselves to traditional styles of interior design for a touch of classic opulence.

If you are looking for Pelican Bay homes for sale that offers the versatility of both modern and classical design elements, you are guaranteed to find them in the Millenium Mansion architectural style.

The Stylized Ranch

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If you are interested in a more traditional home design, you will be glad to know that Pelican Bay real estate is home to several ranch-style properties. Ranch-style architecture rose to popularity in the 1970s and is characterized by distinctive entryways and traditional multi-panel windows. These homes are also directly influenced by French, Spanish, Tudor, and Colonial design, with select homes being specifically referred to as French, Spanish or Neoclassical.

Given the often minimalist design of these homes, they fit in well with the Pelican Bay area as they provide adequate spacing for outdoor gardening and landscaping. Since Pelican Bay boasts several nature preserves, these homes complement the naturalistic beauty of this community.

Because these homes often include elements like sliding back doors to allow entry into the backyard, they serve as the perfect type of home for outdoor entertaining. If you enjoy luxuriating in the sun and sand, you can try to get one of these properties close to the beach to enjoy those long summer days resplendent with the salt of the sea.

The New Traditional

If you are interested in something a little more modern when considering Pelican Bay homes, you’ll be happy to know that the architectural design best known as the “New Traditional” is also very popular in this area.

The New Traditional, to put it simply, is an architectural design that pays tribute to more classical design while including more modern elements. This style of home is proving popular among new developments across the U.S. In Pelican Bay, The New Traditional homes are frequently influenced by and incorporate Mediterranean, French, and English design. Because these homes can also feature an open floor plan, they offer owners flexibility when it comes to interior design.

Whether you are attracted to a ranch-style home so you can create the garden of your dreams or you’re more interested in the potential for classical splendor in a home like the Millennium Mansion or The New Traditional, you are sure to find your ideal residence among Pelican Bay homes for sale.

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