7 Luxury Amenities Naples Buyers are Looking For

Home design is constantly evolving, as are the amenities that buyers are now seeking when considering Naples homes for sale. While an open floor plan may be a selling point to many buyers of Naples real estate, there are also several other amenities that homebuyers will want to consider. With the evolution of technology and the rise in popularity of the smart home, more buyers are seeking out luxury amenities when making purchasing decisions.
Since Naples, FL, has been listed as one of the top 10 best places to live, many buyers are seeking out these luxury amenities to ensure that the home they purchase is ultimately the best place for them.


If there’s one luxury amenity important to homebuyers when looking at Naples real estate, it’s pools. While the year-round warmth of Naples is a great selling point, many homebuyers will anticipate beating the heat in the long summer months with the help of a pool. While some buyers may not put this high on their list of desired amenities because they can add a pool to a property after purchase, a property that already features a pool will always sell quicker.

Owning a pool eliminates the need to constantly hit the beach or local pool to cool off, but it can also provide the perfect backyard activity for buyers who love to entertain. While pools are great for a swim, they also serve as a setpiece for those who enjoy lounging poolside as a way to unwind.

Open floor plans

In recent years, there has been an influx in demand for homes that feature an open floor plan, which is a direct result of TV programs like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise this is an amenity high on the list of buyers looking at Naples homes for sale.

An open floor plan exudes luxury and allows more light to enter throughout the home, and creates the illusion of more space.

Built-in appliances

Most Naples homes for sale will come with several standard appliances already installed. However, there has been a rise in the popularity of less common appliances being built into homes. While you might expect to find an under-counter dishwasher, there are now homebuyers hoping to snag a property that also features an under-counter wine cooler. There are even homebuyers interested in deep steel sinks that can be covered when not in use to create additional counter space.

While these might not be the first items on the list of amenities for many Naples real estate buyers, they are great selling points and might immediately move a property to the top of their lists.

Smart home

With companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon constantly pushing technology forward, there has been an increase in products that can be controlled by either voice or a downloadable app. The dream of a smart home is more accessible now than it has ever been previously.

So what better luxury amenity is there than a smart home when looking at Naples real estate?

Some buyers may find themselves looking specifically for homes that are not only already equipped with some of these smart home features but ones that are capable of supporting them. While homebuyers can easily purchase equipment and items to help make their homes more technologically savvy, the appeal of a home that already has a lot of these features is enough to sell a property.

Luxury bathrooms

There is nothing more luxurious than a spa-inspired bathroom, and, for many homebuyers, this is a luxury amenity that will be at the top of their list. The bathroom can be considered a sanctuary in the home, but it is also the place everyone goes to refresh themselves after a long day. Why not give buyers that spa experience right at home?

Potential buyers of Naples real estate will be looking for bathrooms that are big enough to fit both a tub and shower and feature waterfall showerheads and jacuzzis. Throw in a few towel warmers and his-and-hers sinks, and it is guaranteed that the property won’t last very long on the market.

Walk-in closets

Walk-in closets have always been a luxury amenity highly sought out by homebuyers. Walk-in closets provide additional storage, but these wardrobes can also be used as a dressing room for homeowners. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a walk-in closet is that they allow you to see everything you own all at once, limiting any potential digging to find specific items.

With benefits like this, why wouldn’t a walk-in closet be on the top of a buyer’s list when looking at Naples homes for sale?

Specialty rooms

While most homebuyers are looking for homes that feature the basics, such as a kitchen, living room space, bathroom, and bedrooms, some are looking for a house that features specialty rooms. These rooms aren’t traditionally considered a part of most home designs, such as a movie theater or a gaming room. Homes that feature these rooms are just the kind of luxury amenity that most homebuyers don’t even realize they want.

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