4 Staging Trends to Sell Your Waterfront Home

You've decided to put your waterfront home on the market. Transitions like these often mark exciting, transformative chapters in our lives. Congratulations on turning this new leaf! Vincent Branda at Vincent Branda Real Estate is well acquainted with the sometimes daunting tasks of artfully staging your home in hopes of hooking the highest bidder.

Waterfront houses for sale in Naples, Florida, are known for their charm and elegance. However, highlighting the waterfront appeal of your beach beauty is just one of Vincent Branda's areas of expertise. Here are four helpful staging trends to successfully sell your waterfront home.

Highlight your yard and any waterfront views

It is safe to say most home buyers seeking waterfront views, especially those with swimmable beaches, seek a waterfront home for its convenient access to the water. This is why you want to make sure your home's yard space with ocean views or a direct path to the beach is in exemplary condition.

How do your lawn and garden look? If they could use some landscaping, hire a landscaper to spruce them up and make them shine. A well-cared-for lawn and garden (if there is a garden) send a message to potential buyers that your outdoor spaces, especially with beach access, are valued and well used. You want to give the impression that your outdoor cookouts and parties make for frequent, easy trips to the beach.

Do you have a fire pit or patio in good condition? What about the outdoor furniture? If they are in good condition (nothing wobbly, noticeably scratched, or worn down), give them a good cleaning and make sure they dazzle. Wear and tear can distract potential buyers! Purchasing or renting new outdoor furniture to stage the outdoor areas of your waterfront home can greatly influence the attractiveness of your home.

Hire a professional stager to help you highlight the best features of your home. They will have a good sense of furniture to rent that is attractive and has a good shot of attracting a wide range of tastes. They will also know how to arrange your furniture and decor to appeal to the larger public. A professional stager will create an elegant and classic design for your home.

Make your windows sparkle

This tip is standard for staging any home. Of course, you'll want the interior of your home to be crystal clean. However, having exceptionally clear windows is highly important for selling your waterfront home. Your ocean views are one of your home's crown jewels, despite the many other shining features of your home. It is a great idea to invest in a professional window cleaner to regularly clean your windows while your home is on the market. You want that blue horizon shimmering through your windows without any watermarks or fingerprints obstructing the glorious view.

Retire any beloved beach kitsch

Beach kitsch may not be a part of your home. However, those who live near a beach often (and understandably so) acquire beach kitsch. Celebrating one's beach home pride with a collection, or even a few small pieces of beachy decor, is not uncommon for waterfront homeowners. However, when it comes to appealing to the larger public, it is important to make your home as neutral and uncluttered as possible. An abundance of beach kitsch, or even just a bit of it, can be distracting to potential buyers. You want your future buyer to envision their design ideas for your waterfront home so it is easier for them to envision themselves in your home. When it comes to decor, less is certainly better.

With this said, there is a difference between beach kitsch and beach gear. The appearance of beach gear in your home can support the sale of your waterfront home by reminding potential buyers of the advantages of a waterfront home. Are sea kayaks stored in your garage? Surf boards? Beach tents? Great! Showcase them. Put them in an area that denotes they are used frequently, like the garage, back yard, or driveway.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure your sea kayaks are hanging on a kayak rack and that your beach tent or umbrellas are stored on a shelf or somewhere proper. Do not have them laying on the floor or stuffed haphazardly in a corner of your garage. Be sure to showcase them thoughtfully. Keeping beach gear visible can be a great way to stage your waterfront home.

Showcase guest room potential

Home buyers seeking waterfront homes often seek them not only for their million-dollar views and proximity to the beach but also for their entertainment factor. Who can resist throwing a party or family gathering with promises of an ocean sunset or a dip into the revitalizing blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico? Because of this, it is a good idea to showcase as many rooms as possible as potential guest bedrooms. Of course, clients know they can do whatever they'd like with any room they want once the house belongs to them. They know your home gym doesn't have to remain as one when they move in.

However, emptying your gym or your office and turning it into a neutral space or giving it the appearance of a guest bedroom supports the anticipated values of most buyers seeking houses for sale in Naples, Florida, which is to regularly entertain. If you cannot entirely clear out your offices, exercise rooms, or any room that could be used as a guest room, it is a good idea to declutter them as much as possible, so your exercise equipment or office furniture does not dominate these rooms.

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