3 Architectural Design Tips for Your Luxury Pine Ridge Home

Pine Ridge, Naples, is a great area to consider investing in property. Situated beside Pelican Bay and only 10 minutes from the beach, Pine Ridge is full of opportunities for those looking to redesign a home or build new construction. If you’re looking to remodel a property in Naples, consider these three tips to ensure it ends up being the perfect home for you and your family.

Choose the right style for you

When designing Naples luxury real estate, you have to start by determining the architectural style you want for your home. Choose a chic and elegant style that compliments the surrounding Pine Ridge landscape. Or let your personality shine through with a unique and contemporary style. If you aren’t sure where to start, many luxury houses for sale in Naples, FL, come in the beautiful styles listed below.

Spanish Colonial Revival

With a state name that has Spanish origins, it’s no wonder that many Florida homes are built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. You’ll recognize a Spanish Colonial home from its striking clay roof tiles set against crisp, white stucco walls. This style dates back to the 1600s but surged in popularity once again in the early 20th century. Our best design tips for Spanish Colonial homes in Pine Ridge, Naples, are to keep the walls thick, take advantage of using and showcasing aesthetically pleasing supportive wood beams, and add a few more windows than would be typical for this style. This will level up your space while staying true to the Spanish Colonial style.


Mediterranean homes are also popular in the Naples luxury real estate market, and they share a few key design elements with their Spanish Colonial Revival counterparts. With influences from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and more, this style often merges with others, including Spanish Colonial and Mission Revival. Mediterranean homes are grand and relaxing, often incorporating stucco walls and red clay roof tiles. Our biggest tip for designing this kind of home is to balance the typically flat and minimally-decorated facade with tasteful curves, whether that’s installing arched windows or creating a rounded turret on one side of the home.

Coastal cottage

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Coastal cottages evoke a quintessential beach vibe, making them perfect for Naples luxury real estate. Coastal homes combine elements from Craftsman and Cape Cod styles to create resort-style homes that are both elegant and cozy. Typical markers of a coastal cottage home include shingled siding and large overhangs that provide shade to porches or terraces, usually in pale, cool tones. Steep roofs and large, multi-pane windows are also common features, and many homes are designed with a long, central hallway to provide maximum airflow in the warmer months. Our biggest design tip for anyone wanting to build a coastal cottage home is to play to the style’s whimsical side and choose a light blue or green exterior paint accented with bright white trim.


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Emerging in the 20th century, the Craftsman style marked a movement away from highly-ornate Victorian styles and toward reconnecting with nature. This style is most often seen in small- to medium-sized houses that value simple, bungalow-style living. To make your home a classic Craftsman, include a low-pitched roof with at least one or two gables and eaves that hang over your porch and/or front entrance. If you add a large front porch into the design, include signature thick, tapered columns as supports.


Popping up around the same time as the Craftsman movement, the modern movement in architecture, also referred to as the midcentury modern movement, was a rejection of mass-produced housing in favor of unique, hand-made homes. Instead of focusing on ornamentation and aesthetics, modern homes sought to connect their tenants with nature and influence how a family lived within the home. Traditional midcentury modern homes are minimally decorated and often designed with spacious floor plans. They have ample windows to let in as much natural light as possible and usually feature sliding doors to easily connect the homeowners to the outdoors. If you choose to design your home in Pine Ridge in the modern style, play around with asymmetrical facades and atypical materials.

Consider your view

Aside from choosing the right style to fit your family, you’ll want to design your Pine Ridge home to emphasize its beautiful location. Access to the water and a good view are high on the list of what buyers look for in houses for sale in Naples, FL, so incorporating both into your design will help you enjoy the Naples lifestyle and increase your home’s value. If your property is on a lake or close to the beach, install large windows to look out onto the water no matter where you are in your home. Similarly, if your property is on a sizable piece of land or has a beautiful backyard, make sure you can easily see and access it through glass doors, a porch, or an upstairs balcony.

Determine your must-have home features

Finally, when designing your Pine Ridge home, think through all the key features you want it to have. Trending options in Naples range from balcony space, private pools, outdoor barbecues, game rooms, and a spacious primary bedroom. Consider making the interior open, with rooms flowing from one to another. For the primary bedroom, don’t underestimate going a little larger if the style of your home will allow it. Spread out the space and make it merge seamlessly into a walk-in closet or spa-style bathroom. For the kids, designing extra spots for indoor recreation and play will be a feature you come to love on rainy summer days.

Partner with a Pine Ridge luxury real estate agent

Designing a luxury home in Pine Ridge takes time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it. To get started, though, you’ll need to find the right property to make your goals a reality. Working with an expert real estate agent like Vincent Branda can make that process much easier. A Naples native, Vincent knows each part of the city like the back of his hand and is dedicated to helping his clients find their dream properties. So if you’re ready to start your Pine Ridge search and find a place to call home, reach out to Vincent Branda today.

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